Today sushi has become a world-wide phenomenon and attraction, popular for its all-natural taste, freshness, healthiness, and personal reasons. Massy Hirai introduced sushi to the tristate in October of 1982. From 1982 to present, our sushi menu has evolved in order to provide everyone with the great taste of sushi to meet his/her palate.

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A Brief History of Sushi

Controversially, the origin of sushi has been claimed by archaelogists to be from 3rd century China. In China, the seafood, rice, and vinegar was all fermented/naturally preserved for the dry and winter seasons.

However, Japanese culture redefined sushi in the Muromachi Period (1336-1573) by abandoning the process of fermentation. With the greatest selection of seafood and the use of nori, pressed and dried seaweed, sushi was a natural choice for Japanese culture. By the early 19th century, sushi evolved into Edo-Mae Zushi, presently known as nigiri. Currently, Japanese culinary culture continues to place the highest standards on freshness and taste.


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